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Dilaudid Addiction-How to stop using dilaudid and find drug addiction recovery without drinking or using other drugs

Dilaudid Addiction-How to stop using Dilaudid.

In the world as we know it today there are many people suffering from a dilaudid addiction is not at all unusual; in fact, it is rather common occurrence.

Many folks become addicted while being treated for pain or surgery. This is unfortunate but these are the risks we take when we use any drug classified as

The addicted person may also find they are no longer getting the desired affect and experiment by snorting or shooting dilaudid.

Prescription drug addiction makes dilaudid very hard to kick and the withdrawals are just as severe as heroin.

There is a way to beat dilaudid addiction I got clean using an integrated approach to recover from my addiction.

How to overcome an addiction to dilaudid and find recovery

This entails being mentally, spiritually, and physically, fit to deal with the every day life situations of an addict.

I would also suggest meditation. Recovery is a process that is action based. Are you ready to take action? If so then you may want to start by attending an NA meeting every day for a while.

Now if you think that you may have a dilaudid addiction my suggestion is to seek help. A person can accomplish this by looking for a drug addiction rehab near them. Once you find one simple let them know of your intentions to stop using dilaudid and schedule an appointment to enter rehab. When you are admited you well be looked after by a medical staff who will use prescription medications like suboxone to help east the pain of dilaudid withdrawal. This process or detox take around 4 or 5 days to get through.

Let’s take a closer look dilaudid and how to recover from this terrible addiction

Dilaudid is a potent pharmaceutical drug that is made from morphine. Morphine by itself tends to be highly addictive as in the case as this morphine derivative. As with most prescription drugs, addiction to this drug might start due to treatment, since physicians incorporate the use of opiates and other morphine derivatives to avert pain.

Dilaudid addiction might also be developed when teenagers are experimenting with medication that can be found at home. It is a growing trend among teenagers to “raid” medicine cabinets in order to consume drugs. This seems to be easier than buying illegal substances, however it is not less lethal. There is a greater risk whenever it comes to prescription drugs since they are highly addictive and the human body builds up a high tolerance to them.

When people are addicted to dilaudid they often increase the dosage time after time. As stated before, some people become addicted because they were given the medication during treatment. The medication is a very potent pain killer. Sometimes the pain gets worse, so the person needs more and more of this drug in order to cope with the pain. The negative side effect is that the body becomes used to the painkiller and that leads to an addiction.

When you run out of dilaudid you most certainly will go thorough dilaudid withdrawal and trust me you will run out sooner or later.

Side effects of dilaudid withdrawal

There are several side effects that are caused by addiction to this substance. Some of these include dizziness, loss of concentration, insomnia, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach and restless leg syndrome, and even psychological problems.

There are ways to overcome an addiction to dilaudid if you are tired of living the way you are. I would suggest that if you have has enough pain and misery to do something about it then I would look into going to some kind of opiate rehab. If you go to drug rehab you can be medically detoxed from dilaudid and will not suffer from withdrawal.

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  1. Hi Art, I am just up late at night and can't sleep because I have to return to work tomorrow. I am a nurse that has an addiction to dilaudid. It started about 5 months ago when I had a Crohn's flare-up and I was working and had abdominal pain and gave myself some of the leftover dilaudid. I didn't steal from the patient. From then on I always saved the unused vials and used dilaudid on almost every shift I worked. I worked 3 shifts a day and I would use anywhere between 2to10mg IV. I just took 5 days off and secretly detoxed myself. No one knows, not even my husband. He is a very intelligent and educated person, I'm surprised he hasn't noticed my mood swings. Prior to this I have detoxed on my own twice too and then went right back. I take it for that high feeling now and not for pain. I hate myself for doing it and I feel like a horrible person because I have a 11 yr old and 11month old daughter. Tomorrow, however, I start working again. I am so afraid that I will get back to my old habits. I do not want to go through detox again, I just felt like I had the flu for a few days and the hot flushes and sweats were so horrible. Please tell me, do you think I should just quit my job?

    October 13, 2012 1:30 AM

  2. Hi there It would probably not be a bad idea if you sought another line of employment that is if you will not chase them on the streets when you cut off the avenue you know have for them.

    The thing is until you get some solid recovery foundation under you the temptation to use will always be there and more so because of your easy access to them. Sooner or later they will find out or your husbands going to know something is wrong.


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