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How You Can Get through Heroin Withdrawal

This is for all the addicts who want to know how they can get through heroin withdrawal

I know that there is a whole lot of interest in withdrawing from heroin and other opiates. To me this is a red light indicator that heroin use is once again on the rise. There can be many reasons why this is but I am not going to get into that at this time because today I am going share with you many methods of how to a person can get thorough  withdrawal and stop using narcotics, get clean, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live clean .

Let’s start with that I am a heroin addict and I used heroine for a minimum of 32 years however I am clean today and my goal is helping others to get clean too. Therefore I am able to share my experience strengths and hopes with everyone and help give them hope too. My goal is to help as many people as possible to get through heroin withdrawal.

If getting clean was easy there would be no need to write these heroin blogs who would need them. Unfortunately this is not the case. In other words it is not going to be easy but you can do it believe that!

How You Can Get through  opiate withdrawal

Heroin Detox 

I will now share some methods of the ways that I have kicked heroin in the past and got through withdrawal from opiates. Here they are. First thing I want to say is you will not die from withdraw from this drug. I would not be concerned about it unless you have severe health issues you should have nothing to fear from a heroin detox. Most heroin addicts have an unrealistic fear of what they will have to go through when they stop using heroin. I say this because most of what they have heard about it is in fact a rumor. Some of the blame goes to Hollywood. I have know a lot of heroin addicts and have been to numerous treatment and heroin detox centers and I have yet to see an addict die from withdrawal and I used for most of my life.

If you really want to stop using I suggest that you get some heroin help this can come in the form of NA meetings or your best bet is to check into some type of heroin rehab. There you can detox in comfort more or less. I have done this so many times I lost count so if this is not your first time through rehab there is nothing to be ashamed of many of us end up using again for one reason or another  you are not a failure just pick yourself up and try again and keep on trying never ever give up before the miracle happens.

Heroin cold turkey

Heroin cold turkey one way to stop if you don't know what this is it means quitting heroin with absolutely nothing for your withdrawal from heroin this means no mind altering substances. I have done this and I would not recommend self medicating during this type of detox it does not work well trust me here we are trying to get clean and adding more mind altering substances is not the answer we are looking for.

What I would do if I was planning on beating heroin cold turkey is invite a friend of family member to come stay with me while I detox from heroin. They could prove to be the deciding factor whether you make it or not. They are a great form of moral support and it is nice to know that someone cares about us enough to help us get clean.

Heroin home detox

Another option is heroin home detox this can be done in the privacy of your own home. This is a great way to go if you think that you are able to do what it takes. There are some things that you can do to help. One is try to stay awake as much as possible a couple days before you intend to kick. This may help you to sleep through the worst of your heroine withdrawal. I would also go to the pharmacy pick up some Motrin for cramping and headaches. Some people will need some type of diarrhea medication also. This can be done but keep in mind that most people give up before they are half way through.

Rapid heroin detox

Next I will tell you about rapid heroin detox. First of all you will want to know it is going to be rather expensive; in fact, it will cost thousands of dollars. It was not cheap purchasing heroin on a daily basis either. The question you may want to ask yourself is getting clean worth any amount of money I have. If you can afford it I do not think one can put a price tag on sobriety and this form of heroin help.

What will happen when you arrive at the rapid heroin detox is a staff of medically trained assistants will administer anesthesia to put you to sleep. Once you are under they will then give you prescription medications to flush all the opiates from your body. This can take several hours. When you wake up the idea is you will be entirely drug free and should not experience any physical symptoms. I said this was the idea some people have reported that this procedure is lacking. It also can be dangerous so patients have died from being under to long.

Suboxone detox

Now this is what you have to do to detox this way. Go to a Dr. and tell them of your plans to kick heroin and that you would like a 21 day supply of Suboxone to help you get through the heroin symptoms. He can tell you how often to take them. Now you are good to go for your suboxone detox. This approach is relatively painless but keep in mind this medication is very expensive and probably not covered by insurance.

One more suggestion I would make at this point is that make plans for when you leave treatment. I think it wise to make a list of the NA meetings you plan to attend in your area you can get a pamphlet at a meeting that will tell you of all the meetings in your area. These meetings are a great way to get heroin help.

Also it is a good idea to set some goals that you would like to accomplish in your first 30 days this will give you something to work towards. I would recommend that you take action now heroin addiction can be deadly so make plans to overcome heroin addiction today.

I have personally used all of these methods, so choose the one to your liking now don't wait! Make the decision to quit heroin today and start living and enjoying life the way it was meant to be which is drug free. Anyone can stop using; lose the desire to use drugs, and find a new way to live, so can you.

 The best Opiate Detox

Where can I do an opiate detox? What types of drug detox from opiates and other narcotics like heroin are available? What can I expect from an opiate or drug detox?

You may be asking yourself these questions and more, if you or a loved one are facing detox from drugs or alcohol. There are many, many detox venues offering all manner of types of treatment. Some detox programs offer comprehensive, clinical administration of detox methods, along with group meetings, sober living homes, and outpatient services and assistance. Others consist of a 30-day methadone or suboxone program for heroin detox, where you show up daily and drink a 2 oz. cup of the substance, which mimics the metabolic traits of heroin. 

There are stay-at-home opiate detox programs, which treat withdrawal symptoms, along with symptoms of muscle pain, diarrhea, and insomnia. Good news for users trying to kick the habit is that major physical withdrawal symptoms begin to subside within 3 to 5 days and you should start to feel a lot better after approximately 1-2 weeks. But other symptoms, such as a lingering need for drugs or alcohol, and depression that goes with the major changes that alcohol or drug detox put you through, last much longer, and should be dealt with through counseling and other outpatient services like 12 step programs.

Rapid Opiate Detox

The rapid opiate detox, refers to a process of when someone is rapidly detoxing from opiates. This is a fairly new medical procedure that opiate addicts can go through with in order to get the opiates out of their system. The withdrawal process for opiate addicts, when done without this medical process, is extremely painful and can last for days. At times, quit using without medical help die due to poor health from long use of opiates. Keep in mind that this is very rare.

The opiate detox process is easy to understand and grasp, but pricey. Most medical insurances will not cover this procedure. Basically, opiate addicts wishing to have this procedure done will be taken to medically equipped detox facility. The individual will be sedated using anesthesia. Opiate receptors will rapidly be flushed through the body using prescription medications. This process cleanses the body. The procedure takes about 3 to 4 hour to complete.

After the procedure most patients do not experience any heroin withdrawl symptoms and most can go back to living their normal lives three days after the procedure. This procedure shows an estimated 65 percent success rate compared to regular withdrawal or detox programs that have only a 10 to 20 percent success rate.

These are all great ways to kick heroin. There is no reason why you should continue using. Have you not had enough of abusing yourself and your loved ones? Quit making excuses to continue using and take action this can begin by making a commitment to take action and admitting to yourself and another person that you need help. This is the first step to freedom from active addiction. Take action now and find a drug rehab facility today before its to late. Many people die of heroin overdose before they get this opportunity.

I was an active heroin user for over 30 yrs and I was able to quit using heroin and find a new way to live
without any mind alternation substances so can you!

We must take action in early recovery

For those of you are thinking of going to rehab or have recently finished a residential treatment program it is important that you take action every single day. This can be continuing on with your substance abuse counseling and 12 step meetings.

Now what the ideal thing to do is have an drug addiction recovery aftercare plan in place before you leave rehab. Most rehabs your therapist will sit down with you and help you come up with a recovery plan; for example, if you plan to continue with your addiction therapy you should schedule an appointment with a therapist for the day you leave treatment or soon after. Now for those that want to continue with their 12 step meetings you should write down when and where all the meetings are and which ones you will want to attend. I like to suggest that everyone who is new to recovery commit to doing 90 meetings in 90 days. This will help to begin laying a solid recovery foundation.

These suggestions will also work well for anyone who wants to step up their program a bit too. We can never do too much when it comes to recovering from drug addiction.

Another good idea is that for those who do not have a sponsor to keep an eye out for one. This could be someone that you feel that you have something in common with or you may like the message that they carry. I would suggest that they have at least 2 years clean and sober and have written the 12 steps because that is what you want them for to help you write your steps. My sponsor actually turned out to be one of the best friends I have ever had and if you are lucky enough to find one like that count yourself as being blessed.

It is very important to keep healthy when you do get clean. One way to do this is to exercise regularly and eat health meals. When I first quit heroin I use to go for a two mile walk each day. I would also suggest that you eat right by this I mean to eat vegetables everyday and not a lot of junk food.

 Get some heroin help today.

One thing I know for sure is that you can sit around the house watching TV and expect to get or even stay clean we must take action in order to recover from our addiction. The thing is procrastination may kill you. I know we say that we will never die from a heroin overdose but the truth is I almost did a more than one occasion because I came too in the hospital with tubes coming out of me every where and when I ask them what happened I was informed that I overdosed on heroin.

One of the best things a person can do once they get past the withdrawal from opiates is to start attending meetings on a daily basis anyway thats what I did and this simple thing has helped heroin addicts around the world to get clean and stay sober for significant amounts of clean time.

I thought that I would update this post a little today. Now as far as heroin addiction goes it is going on stronger than ever. That's right the dope is so pure to day that young inexperience heroin users are dying like flies. This is a shame and the only thing one can do is to key a close eye on their children.

I seen a special on 60 minutes last week about heroin and addiction. It is literally everywhere you can think of its like I say you can run but you can't hide. The heroin in these small towns can be as high as 80 to 85% pure. When I started shooting heroin over 30 years ago you had to have a good connection to get dope that good. People are becoming addicted to heroin in epidemic proportions.

Addiction does not really care who you are what color you skin is how much or how little you have or whether you come from park place or park bench it wants you dead but it will settle for less by destroying your life If you are addicted get help right now!!

Once again it seems as though addiction to heroin is on the rise. Now days heroin use has found its way into small farming communities and little out of the way towns. One reason for the increase in heroin use is that a lot of  people are starting to show up in rehabs with an addiction to painkillers.

I have seen people that have become addicted to drugs like oxycontin and percocet turn to heroin because it is so much cheaper than these prescription drugs not to mention that the heroin lasts longer and in most cases high content in purity.

If you do what I have suggested in this article you should have no learning how to stop drug abuse and remain drug free just as I did and many other addicts that came before me.

Good luck

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