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How to beat Roxy addiction

Quite a few people visit my site asking about Roxicodone so I figured it would be a good idea to do a post on it to let others know a little bit about it furthermore,lets take a look at some methods on how to beat roxy addiction. First of all the active ingredient in this drug is Oxycodone and it was invented in Germany in 1916, it is one of many semi synthetic opioids. The developers were trying to come up with an improved alternative to morphine. Roxicode is prescribed for moderate and severe pain.

One notable drug is Oxycodone because its huge volume of sales it is also highly sought after by drug addicts. Here are other types of this drug, Percocet, Endocet, Tylox, Roxicet with aspirin. Percodan, Endodan, Roxiprin with ibuprofen. Keep in mind that all of these drugs can cause an an addiction to oxycodone.

How to overcome Roxicodone addiction

I know for a fact that some people who are taking roxys for pain will become addicted to it because they do not take it as prescribed; for example, the person is in a lot of pain so instead of taking one like they are supposed to they double up and take two. Now what happens is the person will build up a tolerance and have to take more and more to get the same effect.

This is when Opiate addiction takes place. If you or some one you know has become addicted like this and would like to know how to beat  oxycodone addiction then I would suggest that you should talk to the prescribing physician, they can give you a plan that will help taper you off of them without going through roxy withdrawal. I know that withdrawal from any type of oxycodone can be just as bad as heroin withdrawal.

If tapering off of roxies does not work for you then there is another way to stop using roxy’s and it is called oxycodone treatment. If you decide to go then you can rest assured that a staff of professionals will make sure that you suffer very little pain from your roxy withdrawal. This process will only take a few days but when you are finished I would go to residential treatment this will improve your odds of remaining drug free when you leave rehab.

Realize that you can overcome addiction

Roxicodone are powerful pain pills that like any other medicine one can become addicted to and many people who are also have an oxycodone addiction. Beyond the physical cravings every addict has mental thoughts that encourage use or quitting. Finding treatment isn’t always easy.

Addiction grows so rapidly it can be well under way before the dependant realizes they have a dependency. Withdrawal symptoms can include chills, sweats, and having to use the bathroom frequently. Ask yourself questions to identify the extent of your problem. Try a treatment plan based on the level of your habit. Do not be afraid to ask for help and realize whatever your addiction is there is help for you.

Medical roxy detox

If you come to the inevitable conclusion that you are in fact addicted to this drug do not worry there is plenty of help out there for you that is if you take the action to get it. What I would suggest for anyone who wants to get help to overcome oxys to find an opiate addiction rehab near you and give them a call and find out if is somewhere you would be interested in getting help for your addiction be sure to ask them if they can medically detox you from roxicodone.

How to get through roxy withdrawal

Now when you get a hold of them you can tell them you would like to come in at the earliest possible convince. Once you get there you will meet with the Dr and he will check you out to see if you are fit enough to take medications that will help with your oxycodone withdrawal. Next you will be taken to the detox area by a trained medical assistant who will be there day and night to help you and give you medications to help ease most of your discomfort from opiate withdrawal.

This procedure should take no more than five days. I would suggest that you do not leave rehab at this point because if you continue on with residential treatment your chances of stay clean will improve dramatically. Now keep in mind that if you do not go you will relapse I can not tell you when but I can tell you it won't be long and many use again right after leaving rehab.

How to quit using opiates at home with suboxone

One thing everyone should keep in mind is that if they plan to stop using opiates at home is that Roxicodone withdrawal can be rather brutal if you do not have the proper medications to help ease withdrawal pain. One thing that works good for this is suboxone but you will have to take the steps to get it because suboxone must be prescribed by a doctor that is licensed to dispense it.

Roxy's may be a gateway to heroin

I am not sure that a whole lot of folks know that roxy abuse could lead to heroin addiction.

Here is why abusing Roxicodone can lead to heroin addiction. For starters in some places Oxyconin and Oxycodone can cost $30 for just one pill. Now keep in mind that if you have been using them for a while you are going to have a tolerance and one is not going to do it for you anymore; furthermore, if you are buying them on the streets you will be in close contact with people that are selling and using heroin.

One day you may not be able to get any roxies and are starting to get sick so you decide to use some heroin and find that you can get a bag of dope for like ten bucks. Next thing you know you are telling yourself you are saving money using heroin and before you know it you are addicted to heroin.

The thing is heroin is a lot more dangerous than oxycodone but if you happen to be addicted to either or any other drug you should keep in mind that it is possible with a little hard work to learn how to overcome addiction at least this has been my experience. One way to start your Opiate addiction recovery would be by making a commitment to attend meetings on a daily basis this worked for me many years ago and is still working today; furthermore, 12 step meetings like NA are keeping addicts clean and sober around the world.

All I can say is that if you really want to beat an addiction to opiates you will have to come up with a plan and take massive action because addiction is a disease that is cunning, baffling, and powerful and if you are not doing something that pertains to your recovery every single day you run the risk of an opiate related relapse. One thing people in recovery do is attend 12 step meetings regularly get a sponsor and call them when they need to and most of all when they don't. I have a sponsor that is also my best friend.

One thing I am sure of of is this- any addict and I mean absolutely any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use them, and find a new way to live clean and sober.

Good luck

If anyone has any questions regarding addiction or the treatment process for getting clean from this drug, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comments below.  I will get back to you in the comments within just a day or two.