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Dilaudid Addiction

How to stop using Dilaudid

Dilaudid addiction probably started soon after it was marketed. It was first invented in Germany, in 1924. It was introduced to the market under the drug name. In 1926 by Knoll pharmaceuticals and Knoll is still the major producer today. This drug name is a genicerized name for hydromorphone. Like all opioid s used for pain hydromorphone is potentially habit-forming and is listed as a schedule II narcotic.

It is similarly listed the same in most every country. I know all about this drug I got
hooked with an addiction to dilaudid  before I did heroin and they are just as hard to kick.

Abuse is fairly common today among most heroin addicts and they are very familiar with them and know how to obtain them.

I have to say that to
stop using dilaudid is no easy feat. If quitting drugs was easy we would all be clean.

This drug can and will cause withdrawal if it is abused or even if its not if it is taken long enough. A lot of addicts like them for the euphoric rush you get when shooting it.

If you are addicted and have been using them for any length of time. When I think about the best way to stop using dilaudid I think of
I think maybe you need some type of addiction treatment. 

Hydromorphine addiction

Hydromorphone Addiction

Hydromorphone addiction is caused by the abuse of the narcotic Hydromorphone, otherwise sometimes known by its brand name. It is an opioid prescribed by doctors for moderate to severe pain. It is sometimes also prescribed for a chronic severe dry cough.

Hydromorphone is a narcotic that is similar to morphine, however it is known to be 3 to 4 times stronger in pain relief and have a lower dependency rate, making it more desirable for use in chronic pain situations. Overdosing of Hydromorphone can cause circulatory and respiration problems in the patient. Common side effects include sweating, nausea, vomiting, constipation, headache, dry mouth, dizziness and or lightheadedness.

If addiction of Hydromorphone is indicated, the patient should be prepared for a withdrawal period that is fairly quick, between 36 - 72 hours, but rather intense. Withdrawal symptoms may include insomnia, cold sweats and shaking, muscle pain and cramping, diarrhea and vomiting.


Snorting will give people a bit quicker rush as opposed to simply eating it, and having the pill crushed up can make it absorb faster as well. Basically, the more you play with the route of a drug, the more likely it is you are addicted to the substance. Crushing and snorting is certainly no different when it comes to this.

You can read all about this drug on the popular website about drugs, but you probably won't find much information about helping you to quit. Instead, you will find info about how to use and abuse the drug in order to get the maximum effect from it. Not very useful if you are trying to get clean and sober.

Side effects

Pretty much the same as any opiate, the user will feel euphoric, act sluggish and drugged, possibly nod off, and so on. Long term effects are varied depending on the severity of the abuse and the route used.

The dose that you take will obviously affect how the drug interacts with your body, and overdose is of course a possibility. When tolerance develops, increasing doses are needed to get the same level of high. This is when dilaudid addiction starts to set in real good. 



Many people need pictures of  for visual reference, or just to identify a pill that they are dealing with. Going to is a great place to find a free pill identifier. Google images will work as well for most cases.

Dilaudid 2mg

Hydromorphone Dosage

Of course the drug comes in different milligram amounts, and these will vary in strength depending on how big the dose is. Any normal drug addict is going to seek out the highest milligrams possible when purchasing their supply.
Dilaudid iv

Shooting will obviously be the preferred route for most opiate addicts, as this is the most direct path to using the drug. Of course there are all sorts of problems that come along with IV drug use, and all sorts of increased risks as well.

The dosage of  that you take will affect how the drug affects your mind and body. Higher dosages will obviously alleviate more pain and carry greater risk of side effects and complications (such as depressed breathing).

Shooting Opiates 

Long term addiction treatment is necessary for those who become addicted
. There is no easy fix for addiction. It will take time but you can  quit shooting them if you Take action today!!

Addiction Treatment
Most drug rehabilitation centers offer addiction treatment. The abuse of this powerful pain killer is quite common because of the fact that it produces a euphoric feeling. If you feel that you need help for addiction to Anyone with an addiction to it is imperative that you seek professional help. Withdrawal symptoms from this drug can be quite severe and in some cases can even cause death

Hydromorphone addict

An addict is someone who uses this medication for more than just pain. For anyone who are addicted needs to seek a specialized detox program, recovery can not be done without help. An addiction is apparent if once you stop using this medication you start to have withdrawal symptoms immediately.

 OPiate Abuse

Abuse of these pills has become quite common over the past few years. Because of the fact that this drug can produce a feel good, or euphoric feeling, it is easy to see why some people become dependent on it. These pills are highly addictive and can be very dangerous if it is taken improperly.

Common Side Effects

This drug is commonly known as Hydromorphone, is a powerful and highly addictive narcotic pain medication, similar to Morphine; used to treat pain associated with many illnesses and injuries. Some of the common side effects experienced by prescribed users are constipation, nausea, drowsiness, flushing, dry mouth, light-headedness, dizziness, sweating, and vomiting.

Pain Killer

The pain killer is a highly powerful semi synthetic form of a morphine derivative. It is, in medical terms, an opioid analgesic, much like methadone. The dosage of opioid analgesics such as this is individualized to every specific patient and should always be followed closely by the patient. This drug is highly addictive and can cause severe side effects if it is not taken properly. Never take this medication if it has not been prescribed to you.

Dilaudid Withdrawal Symptoms

This drug is an extremely powerful semi synthetic drug that is typically prescribed for pain associated with chronic conditions and diseases. Some of its withdrawal symptoms include nervousness, increased pain levels, depression, tremors and shakes, nausea and upset stomach, restlessness, chronic fatigue, loss of concentration, and in some cases even death.

If you are addicted to this drug and want to know how to get through withdrawal from dilaudid the first thing that I would suggest that you do is to contact the physician that prescribed you this medication that is if you were prescribed them at all although it really does not matter because you can still use this information.

How to taper off of dilaudid

Ok what I would do is slowly taper off of dilaudid this can be done by reducing the number of milligrams or pills you normally use each day. Lets just hypothetically say that you are you using 10 4mg tablets per day try cutting your dose down to 9 this should not effect you too awful much this is sort of a trial and error sort of thing because I have no way of knowing how much you use or what your pain threshold is when it comes to the pain of withdraw.

The best thing you can do at this point is give your entire prescription to someone you trust, they can dole them out to you as needed because if you do not do this then its not going to work for you because if you are an addict you have no control and will use them up before you get started.

If this does not work I would recommend going to some sort of opiate detox facility where you can be medically detoxed but you it is "extremely important" that you stay for the residential treatment part of the program if you do not want to relapse again soon after leaving rehab.


It is becoming quite common for people to abuse their medication by injecting it. Injecting can cause terrible side effects and even death. It is imperative that you only use your medication the way that it is prescribed for your own health and safety. Injecting anything into your blood stream can cause a wide variety of different problems for your body.

Pain Medication 

The pain medication is a very strong, semi synthetic pain killer. It is known to be a derivative of morphine. This medication is typically prescribed for people who are in chronic pain that is associated with different conditions and diseases. Anyone who is on this medication should follow your doctors instructions for taking it very cautiously, as it is very addictive.


The dose that you are initially given by a physician will be dependent upon different factors. The first thing that will be taken into consideration is what kind of tolerance a patient has to opiate medications. If you have already been on opiates for some time, your dosage will most likely be higher than someone who has not.


A pump is sometimes used in patients who have chronic diseases or pain due to other medical conditions. This is a pain pump that delivers pre measured doses of the medication into the blood stream when a button is pressed by the patient. This is generally done in a hospital setting or at home with close medical supervision only.

Addiction Symptoms

Symptoms from this strong painkiller can be dangerous to the extreme. The signs of this addiction are, nausea, vomiting, agitation, insomnia, delusions, sweating, rigid muscles, tremors, rapid heartbeat, anxiety and flu-like symtoms to name major signs. This must be taken into consideration before taking this potentially dangerous medication.

The act of a injection is sometimes used in a hospital setting. This may occur if a patient is in intense pain and needs immediate relief. In the event of extreme trauma such as injuries from car accidents and fires, this medication can be extremely effective for fast pain relief.


Hydromorphone is an extremely potent pain killer that is generally prescribed for pain that is associated with surgical procedures or other traumas to the body. This is often times used in an hospital setting as an IV drip to maintain pain levels over a period of time for a patient.

 IV Dosage

 IV dosage is often times used in hospitals to maintain a patients pain levels over a period of time. This medication is also prescribed in pill form and can be used in a PVC as well. This drug is a derivative of morphine and can be very effective when used for pain.

Dilaudid vs Morphine
This is a pain medication that is very commonly prescribed to patients who are in a great deal of pain after a surgical procedure or other trauma to the body. It comes in pill form, but can also be prescribed as liquid as well. This is done if a patient is having difficulty swallowing.


These pills are prescribed typically in two different forms. You may be given a 4mg tablet or an 8mg tablet. This, of course, is dependent upon the amount that you will be prescribed to take per dose. However, it is most commonly sold in its 8 mg tablet form according to pharmacies.


The FDA first approved the form of generic in the year 2005. This has now become the most commonly prescribed form of hydromorphone on the market today. If you are prescribed this medication, you will most likely be given the generic form as it is relatively cheaper than the name brand. There is generally very little difference in the effects between generic and original forms.

Street Price

There is one main factor that makes the street price higher compared to other narcotics. That factor is that this is not a medication that is commonly prescribed for long periods of time. Therefore, it is not easy to have a continuous supply. The DEA has reported that one 4mg tablet can sell anywhere between five and 100 dollars on the street.

More information on addiction to dilaudid and how to overcome dilaudid

Having an addiction is serious especially to dilaudid, but many people make excuses rather that trying to get help. Some people insist that the dilaudid was prescribed to them, therefore the medication is necessary, but that does not mean that one cannot become addicted to the drugs. In some cases, making excuses or defending drug abuse can be a sign of addiction.

It should also be noted that abusing narcotics can lead the abuser to believe that he or she has more pain than they actually do. This means that once they go through the recovery process, they may find that their pain has diminished. On the other hand, detoxing can be very physically taxing for a person abusing narcotics who does have a need for pain medication.

Dilaudid is prescribed for pain management, so it is normal to be tempted to take more than the normal dosage. Still, this can lead to abuse of the drug. It is important to note that one is not alone in an addiction despite how impossible the situation might seem. Just admitting the problem can be the hardest part of the struggle to overcome an addiction.

Treatment centers are very effective for those looking to end their abuse of dilaudid. There are residential centers that will help one through the detoxification process and subsequent treatment. These centers are staffed by people that are ready to help anyone through the difficult process of overcoming a drug addiction and only want the patients to succeed in remaining clean.

During detox, the patient will be given less potent drugs to treat the pain endured through this process. These drugs include suboxone, a drug that aids the patient to get through this difficult part of the recovery process without feeding the addiction. During this detox process, one will spend most of his or her time in bed and will be cared for by professionals at the treatment center.

After detox, the patient will be moved to the residential quarters of the treatment center. While being housed in the center, the patient will take part in a very important segment of the recovery process: rehabilitation. They will be expected to take part in counseling, educational, and group activities. These are designed to help the patient cope with their addiction outside of the facility.

There are many different activities that the patient will be expected to participate in during their stay. These include group meetings, lectures, video screenings, and one-on-one therapy. These activities are designed to aid the patient in remaining drug-free after leaving the treatment center.

Simply detoxing might increase one's chances of relapsing; therefore it is important to go through treatment after the initial detoxification process. Without building the support system and enduring through rehabilitation, it is unlikely that the patient will have the coping skills necessary to remain clean outside of the facility.

It is equally important to have a plan for after the patient leaves the rehabilitation facility. This includes having a place to live and a job. Having these things and a support system will increase one's chances of staying clean successfully.

Narcotics Anonymous is a great way to beat an addiction to dilaudid

It can be frightening to face an addiction. Therefore it is important to understand exactly how to go about overcoming this major obstacle. It might seem to daunting to do alone, which is true for most people faced with an addiction, but groups like Narcotics Anonymous can make one feel less lonely in the quest to kick the bad habit of drug abuse.

Find out where Narcotics Anonymous meetings take place near in one's community and plan to attend them. Knowing that there are other people in the community with the same troubles can be comforting, as is the knowledge that they can stay clean. This will aid in the post-rehab recovery process.

It is definitely possible to overcome dilaudid as long as one has the drive and proper support system in place. Being addicted to dilaudid is not a habit that cannot be kicked.

I am living proof of that anyone can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use drugs, and find a new way to live. I can not tell you how dam good it feels to never ever have to worry about running out of dope again. I have done a complete 360% turn around. I even went back to school after being out for more than 30 years and I am getting very close to graduating with a bachelors degree in Social Work.

I love to share this with others to give them hope that lost dreams can awaken when we get clean. I am of the opinion that you can be anything you want to be once you are free from drug addiction.

If you are struggling with addiction right now I would suggest that you go to a meeting and you will get plenty of help there. If you need more help to detox then I would look into finding an opiate addiction rehab.

Massive action is required to overcome hydromorphone

I actually became addicted to hydromorphone before heroin back in the early 70's they were dirt cheap like two bucks a piece and they were white and water soluble all you had to do is drop a couple in your rig draw up some water and shake them up and you were good to go. I have know idea what they go for these days because I am clean and sober today I have no need to know.

I know one thing I thank God that I do not have to be out there in the streets trying to get one more. I used for over thirty years so I put in my time the thing is I am not going  to get a retirement check for being a dope fiend. A lot of people on the job retire before that.

If you have the desire to stop using I am here to tell you that you can but you will for one have to be willing to take massive action because it does no good to get clean for a couple of days or even a month to go right back to where you were when you decided to stop using hydromorphone. Don't get me wrong I had to go to the of sledge hammer school of awareness to get clean.

I relapsed so many times that I lost count but the thing is I never gave up and you should not either. Some people get it right the first time around but I am thinking that more do not.

Now massive action involves stepping up your meeting attendance and if you are not going then you had better start. Do something to help another addict is always goog like pick them up for a meeting. There are also many places where you can do volunteer work. It does not really matter what you do. Come up with your own addiction recovery plan.

Good luck

If anyone has any questions regarding Dilaudid or the treatment process for getting clean from this drug, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comments below.  I will get back to you in the comments within just a day or two.

Thanks, and good luck to everyone out there!


  1. what are the side effects of shooting dilaudids?

  2. Pretty much the same as snorting or any other way you do them Constipation: dizziness, drowsiness; dry mouth, flushing, hotheadedness, nausea, vomiting, and sweating.

  3. not to mention vein collapse, HIV, Hep-C (YOU can give YOURSELF hep-c btw), bacterial encarditis (bacterial lining of the heart valves). Solid particles in your bloodstream - heart failure.

    IV is a bad idea. Always a bad idea no matter how you do it.
    I would only take an IV drug if it was in a vial for injection, personally.

    Even then I probably wouldnt.

    1. You cannot give yourself hep c.please get the facts. U get hep c from coming in contact with blood infected with hep c. Jesus christ I love hearing the shit that people come up with. Yea I was masturbating and infected myself with HIV!!! Lol

  4. Thanks for your comment yup your right is a bad idea no matter how you do them.



    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi thanks for your comment. First of all I am not a Dr. Well its really not for me to say whether she is an addict or not. This is really for her to determine but based on your information she may indeed be.

    I would need to know more I mean is she really in pain? Her Dr may be right or then again he could be wrong like I said she will have to make the decision to get help. All you can do if you think she has a problem is to point her in that direction. Do not give up on her quite yet.

  7. Please help me. I know someone who is using dilaudids. He is using by shooting up I think. I worry so much about him. I don't know what to do . He won't go to treatment, although he has said off handedly that he thinks he needs rehab. He isnt coming to work the way he used to. I cant give my email; I would like for you to email back to me but I cant give my email because if he saw this.....I just care. There is nothing romantic. He has a girlfriend who is doing it too. What do I do?

  8. Hi thanks for your question. All you can really do is make suggestions because the truth is he is not going to stop until he is ready.

    Good luck

  9. Hi I am withdrawing from Dilaudid and want to know when I will get my life back and feel good, like my happy self I used to be. I started taking dilaudid after low back surgery. Well several years later I was reintroduced to it. I took it only when I needed to, however, thing got out of control. This is the 2nd time going cold turkey. 1st time was just a couple months ago. I was taking 4mg 6x's a day.Every single w/draw symptom I suffered threw.After a couple weeks I just could not hack the withdrawn feelings,depression, feeling like I would never feel good again on top of death after death in my family which made that little pill so much nicer.I was crushing and snorting. It made my life easier to deal with. Now on my 2nd go around I have been snorting 3-4 pills a days at 4mg. The withdraw is not as bad but back in the same boat with my emotionals.all I want to do is crawl up in a ball and die. I know this is normal and is what to be expected. I want to be normal again. I have not been normal for so long I know it will take time and I need to be patient. I have so much to be thankful for and a great life and here I go messing it all up. Please help and let me know what I can do to get back on track. I want to enjoy my sons last 3 years of high school and help my husband run our business that I convinced we should do. I do have alot on my plate and thing will probably not change for a long time. So Please I am begging!! please lend me some advise!!! Thanks so much

  10. Thanks for your comment. Yes it will be kind of rough for a while but hang in there you can get your life back and more. My suggestion to you is to go to a meeting. I like NA but AA is good to. Anyway this will get you out of the house and clear your mind. It will also help you being around other people who are going through or have been where you are now. Lastly I will say that an addict alone is in bad company!

    Good luck

  11. I really want to go to NA but I can't work it around my work schedule. That sounds like an excuse I know, but I'm a functional addict and no one knows. I'm also climbing the ranks of a highly competitive company. This is my career and I can't take the time off. It would ruin my chances of being an executive. I need to quit and I can't. I can make it until my vacation in 4 weeks (when I plan to go to a rehab facility) but I just need to know how to make my stomach pain go away. Can you help?

    1. Bananas, rice, apple sauce, toast, gatoraide, pepto bismal or imodium, and of course a little of the d is better than cold turkey. Have Fun My Friend :)

  12. Thanks for your comment
    Not a whole lot you can do about the pain. That is just part of the price we pay for becoming addicted to dilaudid. You may want to try some over the counter medications like Prilosac or something.

    One thing you said caught my attention you say you are a functioning addict and no one knows. You could be right about that but it has been my experience that this never lasts.

    Let me just say I understand you not wanting to let the people you work for know about your addiction but the thing is if you continue to use they will eventually find out. I think now days most businesses understand about addiction; in fact a lot of places will actually help you get clean.

    As far as the NA meetings go you are right it is an excuse. Until you are entirely ready to put your recovery first you will never ever stay clean! What that means is recovery must be the number one priority in all things including the job, the wife, and any other thing you put first. Without this you will not be able to have anything else for long anyway you can trust me on this.

    Good luck

  13. My ex-boyfriend is a dilaudid addict. He says he gets the presribtion from a doctor out of state. There is no real reason for his need for the drug.
    He never takes the drug around me but when he comes down or the dilaudid starts to wear off he becomes irrational, extremely irritated, violent. His emotions run wild. I'm never sure that what he is saying is really the truth or whether its just the drug talking.
    He says he has stopped taking the drug and emotional rollercoaster seems to stop for a while but I never see any detox reactions. No sickness, or anything I've ever heard would usually happen when a person detoxes.
    I had to leave him rescently because the violence was starting to get really scary. I was afraid to be around him.
    I would still like to try and help him kick the habit but I'm unsure of what steps to take. He refuses to go to NA or seek help for himself. I am afraid that he will over dose or hurt someone. He told me that the dose he takes would kill a normal human being. I am so concerned and I know he won't ever stop on his own.
    Please help me.

  14. Hi Amanda thanks for your comment the bottom line is this you can not help him he does not want help and until he does he will continue to use. Trust me you did the right thing breaking it off with him try reading this it may help it is from the basic text of NA.

    Basic Text, p. 62

    Perhaps one of the most difficult truths we must face in our recovery is that we are as powerless over another's addiction as we are over our own. We may think that because we've had a spiritual awakening in our own lives we should be able to persuade another addict to find recovery. But there are limits to what we can do to help another addict.

    We cannot force them to stop using. We cannot give them the results of the steps or grow for them. We cannot take away their loneliness or their pain.

    There is nothing we can say to convince a scared addict to surrender the familiar misery of addiction for the frightening uncertainty of recovery.

    We cannot jump inside other peoples' skins, shift their goals, or decide for them what is best for them.

    However, if we refuse to try to exert this power over another's addiction, we may help them. They may grow if we allow them to face reality, painful though it may be.

    They may become more productive, by their own definition, as long as we don't try and do it for them.

    They can become the authority on their own lives, provided we are only authorities on our own. If we can accept all this, we can become what we were meant to be - carriers of the message, not the addict.

    Good luck

  15. Just left my grandson at a Detox Chemical Depenedency Unit for 30 days. this is is 3rd time in less than 3 years. He has tried Methadone and Subutex treatment without success. We are at the end of the rope. He won't commit to a longer program. He is not married and has no children. There is no use in talking to him. I am afraid that he will die from abuse or overdose. Don't know what to say or do to help anymore. HELP!

  16. Hi thanks for your comment. You are right there is really nothing more you can do for him. I know it's very hard to watch him destroy his life but he is going to have to come to his own understanding and go through what ever he has to go through.

    Good luck

  17. Hi, my boyfriend got almost a month ago a surgery of cancer and it has removed almost the entire esophagus. He's home now and the doc gave him Dilaudid 4 times a day but he's taking it only when he needs it. He already started to feel depressed, his emotions are running wild, he feels tired, has problems with his breathing. I'm scared from what I read above and to not hurt his heart. I don't want to use them anymore, what can he use instead of Dilaudid or what else can we do? I love my life with him, I don't want to turn into an addicted. Thank you very much.

  18. Hi thanks for your comment. If he does not want to use them anymore I would have him talk to his Dr. about trying a non narcotic pain reliever. There are some good ones out there that may help.

    Good luck

  19. Hi,
    I am wondering if snorting this can cause a person to become mean? And/or blackout and have no memory of what they did while on it?

  20. Hi Tammy Thanks for the comment. I would have to say that I guess they could possibly become mean as far as blacking out and not remembering what they did while on it. Dilaudid did not effect me in a way where I could not remember things unless I mixed them with something else. all I can say is that it could effect others differently.

  21. I just found out my dughter(23) and her husband(24) are usung needles drug of choice dilaudid. She says she wants to quit but there are no detox centers in Northern MI, which i did check into a little How do I help they have a child who needs Parents and I need my little girl she is my world I love them so much and I am scared to death what do I do??

  22. Hi Karen

    Not sure how far up north you are. I live in Kalamazoo we have a rehab here. I know they have them in Grand Rapids and I believe Lansing. Until she goes just let her know that she is loved or if she is willing to go take her to a meeting I know that they will help her the best they can.

    Good luck

  23. Hi Art,

    I am a functioning addict who takes Dilaudid for severe stomach pain. My doctor prescribed them 8 years ago and I have taken them as prescribed ever since. I take 8 mg three times per day. I have a good job and go to work every day and I also have a fairly active lifestyle, but it is getting increasingly difficult to maintain. I am so tired of feeling like crap all of the time. When I wake up in the morning I am in withdrawal and I hate the fact that I must take a drug to feel halfway normal. My doctor tells me that there is a difference between being addicted and having to take Dilaudid for chronic pain, but it seems to me that the result is the same - ADDICTION. I want to quit, but I am afraid of the withdrawal symptoms of going through detox. How long do they last? Does it take weeks to feel normal? I am pretty sure I can handle my life after Dilaudid, but I am terrified of withdrawal and the pain I will be in. I was never been addicted to drugs before Dilaudid. Any advice?

  24. Hi there thanks for your comment

    First thing I am not a Dr. but I try my best to help other addicts with my experience and strengths with addiction.

    I will that you are right the end result is addiction but also I can see where they are needed for chronic pain so what we need to do is ask our self is the benefit worth it.

    Keep in mind there are other non addictive medications these days that could possibly work for you.

    If I were you what I would do is discuss exactly what you wrote here copy and print it and take it with you if you have too.

    The reason I say this is because the Dr should be able to put you on a taper to slowly wean you off of the dilaudid preventing any withdrawal at all.

    Now as far as the feeling normal again that is another story keep in mind you say you have relied on this medication for 8 years but you can lessen the time it takes to feel better by exercising regularly eating a drinking lots of fluid.

    I really can not say for sure how long being you were not actually abusing them like most people who visit this site but I will step out on a limb here and say that it will take you a lot less time than a lot of them because some people including myself never get back to 100% and it takes a couple of years but like I said you are a little different.

    good luck and God bless

    Let us know how you are doing

  25. Thanks Art. I am not so sure that I will be able to taper off because if I miss a dose or take a lesser dose, then I can feel the horrible withdrawal. The worst part is the creepy muscle feeling. At least that's what I notice the most. And that's what I am most terrified of - the actual withdrawal symptoms. I am pretty sure I could put the pills down and walk away if it weren't for the detox part....I do not have the will power to taper off myself - I have tried and when I feel any part of the withdrawal, I go back to my regular dose. I have considered asking my doctor for a higher dosage because the Dilaudid doesn't work as well as it used to, but I know that will just make matters worse and that's the last thing I want. Anyway, you are right, I should talk to my doctor, but I put it off because I am afraid of withdrawal.

  26. Hi

    Well I understand the fear I have been there myself and it kept me using for a lot longer than was necessary and the fear of withdrawal is why a lot of addicts continue to use.

    There is another option not sure whether you know anything about it but that is to try suboxone. Its is probably a lot easier to come off of than the dilaudid. I know for a fact that most of it is a mental thing.

    In my case my addiction tells me that things are worse than they really are so I continue to use so if you can get past that you will have it made. Another thing is you may have tried to taper to fast.

    Your doctor could take you down 1mg at a time over an extended period of time but you will have to come to terms with it mentally. I guess it all depends on how important it is to you and bad you wish to stop.

    Anyway good luck

  27. I'm glad I got to talk to you. I want more than anything to get this monster off my back and it is encouraging to know that others have gone through this and survived. 8 years of hell - it's been a straight up bitch I have to say. Guess it's about time to do it. Scared or not. I just hope I don't get fired from my job for taking time off - they can never know about this....

  28. Art,
    I would just like to commend your effort with this blog. Reading through the comments, it is clear that you are truly dedicated to helping people through their opiate addictions. Your advice is always sound! Keep up the good work - this is a great resource!

  29. hello, my name is m.e.k.
    and I have been using dilos
    for far too long now. I am
    using intervenously anywhere
    between 15 to 18 tablets (8mg)
    a day. I can't begin to imagine
    my life without it... my world
    revolves around it, I am stuck
    dealing with lowlives everyday
    to be sure to have a steady
    supply. I hate my life, but am
    often too high to care. So what
    is my point... I'm not sure, I
    just thought I'd relate that to
    anyone who thinks it can't get
    worse, not only can it get worse,
    it will, I can tell you. I'm one
    push away from a cardiac arrest
    at any time. please try to prevent
    this from happening to you or
    anyone you truly care about.

  30. Hi there m.e.k. thanks for sharing.

    If you know your health is that bad why don't you try and get some help there is plenty out there. I know for sure that any addict and I mean any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use drugs, and find a new way and far better way to live clean.

    Good luck

  31. Hello, my 23-year old daughter was just prescribed dilaudid time-release (once a day) to replace the percocet she had been taking (5-8 times a day). She has chronic back pain. She said something about maybe switching to suboxone, but they switched her to dilaudid instead. I'm worried that she is addicted to painkillers. She has tried to kick the percocet several times, with no success. I don't know how to help her or advise her. I'm really worried about her.

  32. I'd say she is addicted, it really doesn't take long. Doesn't make her evil or anything, anyone on such strong opiods would be addicted after a while.It's something she needs to speak to a doctor about.I personally would advise against the suboxone, because it'll be harder to come off IMO, that's been the case for me.The sooner she decides to get clkean and drug free the better.Then again it's just another medication, peple take all sorts of meds daily for there lives.

    1. Hi there thanks for sharing your opinion I wish more people would

      Yes you are right it does not take long to get addicted to this drug and your right she defiantly is not evil she may in fact be addicted but that's not my call she has to be the one to confirm that.

      Every one is different when it comes to addiction the only way a person should use suboxone is as a last ditch effort because they just can not stop using.

      Good luck

  33. My name is James U. My mother is in a nursing home they have been gibibg this stuff to her for about a year for pain I have informed them that she is like a drugged person while on it and i want it to stop when they try she goes through multiple mood changes and they just start her again. What can i do or ask them the give that will control her pain without this zombie mood and addiction? is my email any advice would be appreciated

  34. I would like some advice, my girlfriend was in a bad car accident about 4 years ago. She was on Percocet & now dilaudid. It appears the she has given up on all her doctors & therapy ( except her neurologist / pain specialist)
    Her perscription says 4 mg twice per day, I'm not sure how many she is taking, but the trips to the hospital for chronic pain are increasing( ironically on her off days) I'm thinking she becoming addicted....I'm not sure what to do!!
    All the test,blood work, cat scans, & test come back negative.
    She says her neck muscles tighten up with great pain & only Valium & morphine interveniously seems to help.....what should I do??

    1. Well if you do not really know if she is taking her medication as prescribed then I would suggest that you be honest with her and ask her about it being honest is always the best policy. Anyway it is for me.

      She may really need the medication to deal with her pain but if she is using too much then she should tell her prescribing physician so they can prescribe a different medication that will help her too cope with the pain.

  35. Hi my name is Maggie I have a 20 yr old daughter who has a very bad addiction to hydromorphine. I am in the process of trying to find a treatment center where she can safely detox and is covered by insurance or OHIP. I am so very worried about her. I am a single mother of 4 children trying to survive and abusive marriage. Where myself and my children where abused. Each child suffers from the effects of the abuse. Could you advise me on a treatment centre that could help me save her life. She is willing to go. She wants to get better I need to take this opportunity now. I am not to keen on the methodone treatment though. I live in Thunder Bay On where we are having an epidemic on opiads it is very scary. I hope you can give me some answers. GOD BLESS I am a very frightened mother Thank you Maggie

    1. Hi Maggie

      Unfortunately I do not but the best thing I can tell you is to check online for a government or state funded rehab program.

      They have 1 800 numbers but keep in mind that you will have to do the foot work.
      Another option is that you may try the YWCA sometimes they have places reserved for women with drug problems.

      The best thing I can tell you is to look in the phone book in your area for rehabs and call them all and ask if they can help you and if they can not ask them if they can refer you to someone that can.

      If you are persistent I am reasonably sure you will find her some help.

      Good luck

    2. Hi Maggi , there are two places , i know in northern Ontario : North Bay and another in Sudbury . I recomend North Bay , coz i went through succesfully : Nipissing Detoxification Substance Abuse Programs , North Bay , ON, 120 King st. West , ph. 705-4766889

  36. Where do we draw the line? I have had 7 abdominal surgery's, in a 3 year period. I have chronic pain. I also have to self infuse myself (sub q) with 4 needles every week due to an auto-immune genetic disorder (which contributed to the surgery's). I have been on every narcotic that you can get: oxycontin 240mg/day, methadone 30mg a day, percocet, vicodin and now dilaudid. I was off my pain medication, for a 4 month period, and all I did was suffer. I am on 4mg of dilauded, 3 times a day (I was on 8mg every 4 hours). I've been on pain meds for this for 5 years, they dont affect me. I ask myself, why does everyone make a big deal about these meds, they just take away the pain..thats it!.I know I am basically intolerant to all pain medications. I tried a nerve block, and nothing. I am as addicted to dilauded as much as my self-infusion. If I don't self infuse, I get tired, sick, fatigued, body aches and other things. If I don't take the dilauded, I am in pain all day and I feel awful because of the pain. . I never shot up anything or snorted anything. Do I need both meds? I think yes, but someone might say no. So where do we draw the line?

  37. Hello there, I have been taking Dilaudid for 2 years now for abdoninal and back pain.Over the last year I have been taking 48 mgs per day opposed to the 24mgs I was taking the first year.The pain seems to have upsided lately and I want to try to get off the Dilaudid all together but Im afarid of the withdrawal.How long will I suffer withdrawals.I want to try to wean myself off the Dilaudid but I don't know what dosage to start with and how slowly to wean myself off the Dilaudid.Im afraid that if I ask my Doctor to wean me off and the pain comes back,Im afraid my doctor will under prescribe and then I will have to suffer from pain again.I hate being addicted but I hate being in pain as well.How long does the the withdrawal symtems last if I go cold turkey and if I realise I can live with the pain.I have water retention from the pain meds that causes a whole new type of pain that comes with the Dilaudid. I guess my biggest concern is the sickness I will go through as a result to the withdrawals from going cold turkey.Is it possible to wean myself off the Didaudid without suffering withwrawals and sickness,thank you

  38. Hi, I have been recently injecting hydromorphone 4-5 Mg a day, I usually take it In the evening, and my breathing gets a bit shallow, I can't sleep well, I wake up gasping for air, and often my neck is very heavy. I just wanted to know I this is normal? Or what is going on. I would also like to know how Injectig hydromorphone affects your heart. Also, I take all the precaution I can, always use alcohol wipes, saline, new needles, but I am getting a weird lump in my forearm vein, wanted to know what that is, and I tend to bruise a lot.
    In desperate need of answers! My last question is, how long do you need to be taking dialudid before experiencing withdarawl symptoms and how much do you need to be taking.
    Thanks a lot

  39. I have an 18 year old son who has been shooting dilaudid in a minimum of 8 mg doses 2-3 yimes a day. He has had serious drug problems for the last 3 years and we finally had to kick him out of the house to make sure my youngest son was no longer affected. After a 5 year battle (3 yrs w/ D's) I have found out that he has started using Meth (snorting), LSD, MDMA, Mushrooms, and the most recent "Bath Salts". I have been through every avenue possible to try and help him from when he was still in school by talking to counselors, doctors, school officials, law enforcement and even taking a personal leave of absence from my job so I could seek treatment because I was so depressed. I have given him outpatient rehab, inpatient rehab and even helped have him admitted into a mental health facility at his agreeing so he could understand that he is not alone and that we love him but cannot help him. He is so irrational, angry and blames us for his addiction. I know that is part of the addiction and that he has to want to help himself, but that never seems to come.I even went as far as calling the authorities because he was at my disabled 61 year old mothers house and would not leave and stealing her medications to sell or use. That was the only way to get him out.He had several charges filed against him and was released from jail into the inpatient rehab facility. After 42 days they released him to sober living which he was booted from the first day for coming up dirty on the test.Since then he has been arrested again with pills on him and now has another felony charge pending. At this point I have had to cut my losses which breaks my heart. I just tell him that I will always love him but that I cannot help him, only support him if he chooses to get help.Now my guilt kills me because he is my first born son and all I want to do is protect him and make it all better. Do you have any advice for helping myself deal with the guilt so that I can continue to raise my other child without being in a depressed state all the time? I know that I did what I had to do to protect the others involved but it is so hard. I still see my therapist but some days it just doesn't seem to help. I just keep hoping he will be ready someday. For now it's just lies, blame and anger. I appreciate anything you can tell me. Thank you so much!

  40. I wish I had found this site a couple weeks ago. I hoep I am on the tail end of the withdrawl period, was taking dilaudid via a metronics pump inside me for the past 10 years, started with morphine, then when my origional doctor retired 5 years ago, he replaced the pump, put me on dilaudud, the new doctors just pushed me though the system until my dosage was over 8.5mg every day for the past several years, that is until the newest doctor started accusing me of minipulating the pump and drug seaking (wrongly!) which resulted in my going "cold turkey" without realizing what happened. I felt like I was at a crossroad once I figured out what was going on, and went to a NA meeting. I made the right choice I think. It may not have been the easy way out, but it sure looks like I did the right thing. this site has made me feel much beetter, (Im not alone) and hoep so much others will find it as insiteful as I have.

  41. My bf is going through withdraws and I have never taken any pills so I don't know what I can do to help. I want to help support him because he is stopping so that he can do the right thing for him and our family. Idk what I can do to help he feels really sick is there any home remedy that may help him??

  42. My name is Joyce. My husband and I have been married almost 19 years, we have been together for 24 years. We have two beautiful children ages 12 and 14. We used to be best friends and lovers. We had so many dreams and goals. Life was becoming so busy and the little things got in the way. Both our children have challenges ranging from anxiety and adhd to learning disorder and mood problems. The struggle of managing the children, two full times jobs and daily life left the marriage into the dust. We have not made our marriage a priority. Finances was been tough, and our dreams are looking further and further away. I was blamimg and resent my husband for many things that are not totally his fault. I was often angry and rude and have threatened separation and divorce. i think of what to do before a friend gave me the contact a spiritual spell caster,my friend told me to explaind all what that was happening in the familly,i explained everything from a to z and he ask me for some finance which render and also told me what to do,in less than 6 days my familly completely change,everything is now back to nomal,no more quorel,no more hardship we are happy than ever now which is like a suprise to me, really did some changes in my familly things are back and having the life we dreamed of together.

  43. I have been on Methadone this summer would make it 6 years since I finally quit Diluadid 4mg. I would take up to 5-10 times a day! I was fortunate that I was able to get on the Methadone program. I was only 18yrs old when I first started and it lasted for a year and a half. I was so tired of this addiction. I had no money due to buying the diluadid, I was tired of stealing, selling all of my personal expensive possessions, I was tired of living a secret life,tired of decieving my Father and his wife. I finall broke down and asked my dad for help. I thought he would be mad cuz he hates me smoking weed but, he was understanding and very supportive and did all he culd to help me kick the addiction. sent me away for treatment in Prince Albert, Sk in Regina, Sk, in Lloydminster, Alberta. I was unable to stay at either of these places for more than one day! he then begged the Methadone Dr. to help me with methadone to get on the Methadone Program.
    and now....

    I've been clean since 2006 (February 2006) I have no idea where I would be right now if I never got on the methadone program? DEAD! The Doctor said to me today that 85% of the people who try and quit the Methadone Program fall back into the cycle of addiction. Pray to The Lord Our God and Saviour to guide you through this disease of addiction amen.

    -Will Henry Prince Albert, Sask

  44. Im taking 2x2mg 4x a day by IV can or more can I start eating them then slowly minus a pill without feeling withdrawal?

  45. Hi ya it should work but keep in mind if you are addicted you are still going to mentally think you need them.

    Good luck

  46. Hi Art,

    Thank you for your blog! I am married to an alcoholic who has stage 4 cirrhosis, Chronic Hep C, Chronic Pancreatitis, Bleeding Esopaogeal Varicies, etc, and so on. He was recently hospitalized for Sepsis. This past Februrary I began to suspect he was using drugs intraveinously. Sometime around March my suspicions were confirmed, as I have personally observed him doing such on numerous occasions now. He is usually so out of it that he doesn't realize I'm standing outside the window watching him! We have been together for almost 11 years and have an 8 year old son. Not sure really why I'm writing. Except that, I don't really feel I have anyone else to boohoo to. I have shared what's going on with my parents and a couple of close family friends, but they don't really understand and/or offer [well meant] advice that I know won't help. I had my husband Marchman acted about 5 years ago for alcohol abuse and discovered he didn't have any alcohol in his system. Instead they found crack and some other kind of drugs. He went through the mandated counseling program, he drank and used while he went through the program and smoozed his rookie counselor. At the conclusion of his 'therapy' we ended up seperating for about 7 months. After which he called me to 'say his goodbyes.' He [thought] he had hit rock bottom and seemed ready to make changes. He did, for about 14 months. Then, the gradual return to where we are now. He has [mostly] been honest with me, he told me he is using Dilaudid (IV). I suspect that he is using pretty much everyday, until he gets so sick that he quits for a few days. I know it won't do any good to Marchman Act him again and that he won't quit unless he decides he's ready to. I feel like I'm living in limbo, hoping that he will "see the light" and at the same time... waiting for him to OD or go into a coma related to his Hepatic Encepalopathy/drug abuse. I'm resigned to 'my lot', but I am concerned about our son who knows that Daddy is sick and has been in and out of the hospital.

    I don't really suppose that I want or need any advice. Just wanted to communicate my concern and frustration to someone who might understand.

  47. Thank you for all the information!!

  48. my daughter is 20 years old, never did drugs, was a leader, finished high school, the met a boy she fell in love with, he ended up in jail she sent him money and waited for him to get out of jail for almost 2 years, she is smart & beautiful, after he got out of jail 4 or 5 days later he dumped her, she started shooting up dilauidid's, only since july this year, now she has no job, her car just blew up, she has stolen several times from me, me and my family beg her to quit, we told her we would help her, she knows i love her very much, her dad died when she was 16 & i have always given her everything, i don't know how to help her, i tried to have her baker-acted today and the police told me they couldn't arrest her, i don't know what to do

  49. Hi Art,
    I see that everybody on here are leaving comments because they want answers to questions, I just wanted to leave a comment to thank you so very much for sharing your stories, I stumbled across this while surfing the net while I was using around 100mg of Dilaudid every day for the last 6 yrs.
    Your stories gave me hope and I tried going cold turkey, but found it impossible; so I went to see my Dr. and he gave me Novo Clonodine to help with the withdrawals, I still suffered for about a week, but they did help.
    I am now in my third week of recovery, planning to attend my 1st NA meeting tomorrow evening. I still suffer from insomnia and certain stomach issues but it is getting slowly easier.
    Thanks again, man, I don't think that I would have found the strength without reading this

  50. Great Post.
    I will surely help for all drug addicted person or have got experience about that.I would like to share this topic with my friend circle.


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