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Quitting heroin is hard without rehab

I know that there is a genuine interest in how to quit Heroin. Quitting heroin may be one of the most difficult tasks one can undertake. A person that is intent on stopping heroin needs to understand that they will be rather sick with heroin withdrawals for anywhere from 3 to 5 days. Of course this will depend on the amount and frequency of heroin use each day.

 During this time you will want to get yourself plenty of fluids because I doubt you will be eating much. Gator aide is a good bet to replenish your body plus it builds up electrolytes that have been depleted because of continued heroin abuse.

How to quit heroin

One way of quitting heroin is to inform your doctor of your decision to stop using heroin. They may be able to refer you to an addictions specialist that can write prescriptions for suboxone. This will make your heroin detox go a whole lot smoother. Now for this you will want to get around a 21 day supply of suboxone. This should be plenty to quit heroin.

I think it would be a good idea to go stay with a friend or family member. The first couple of days I say this because you are going to be plenty sick until the drugs kick in plus they can be there for moral support another good reason for this is because as soon as the heroin starts leaving your system you are going to want to get high real bad. They will be there to convince you not to.  .

Many people have overcome heroin addiction with a home suboxone detox. It does not really matter if you quit heroin at home or in a heroin rehab the important this is to quit before you die from a heroin overdose or go to prison for a drug related crime. One thing I can tell you for certain is that in order for this to happen you will have to take action. Why not do this today?
One should have a heroin addiction recovery plan in place before they go to rehab or even attempt to stop heroin. This plan be as simple as attending 12 step meetings like NA thats how I got clean and stay clean today. If you intend to use this method it would be a good idea to commit to going to a meeting on a daily basis. It takes a lot of work to stay clean and sober but you can do it!!


  1. It doesnt' take much suboxone to get over the hardest part of heroin detox. Dr. often prescribe 8-16mg of suboxone daily which I found to be too much. Take as little as needed, you can always take more if your still hurting. I did at least a gram of H everyday (I IV'd it or shot it up) and found that 4mg of suboxone the first day of detoxing was enough for me. The next day I would try just 2mg of suboxone and would taper down from there over 5 or 6 days. Suboxone is great but you can become physically addicted to that as well. It doenst get a dope fiend high so why take more than you need. Good luck to everyone who is trying to get clean and remember its one day at a time. If you relapse its often a part of recovery and it o.k. just try to learn from the mistake and don't just give up and go back to you old ways. YOu will no doubt feel some guilt and shame when you relapse (if your truly trying to quit) use the feeling to help you stay clean. You can do it. its fucking hard but its not impossible.

  2. Im on my way to recovery, i just want my body to feel normal again. Its the first day and Im waiting for the 24 hr mark to take suboxone. I got three 8mg and ive been told that should be enough. I want to be free from everything thats why i got a few pills. My life has been hell, i live with my gf and ive put her through hell. Im lucky shes been with me for these last three yrs. I know i can do it, but how long till i feel normal again?

  3. Hi thanks for sharing and congrats on making up your mind to quit using. Ya I think 3 will be enough but what are you going to do to stay clean? It has been my experience that those who stay clean have a solid recovery plan. If do not have one I would strongly suggest that you come up with one real soon!

    Good luck to you and let us know how your doinn

  4. It's 4 a.m. Where I am and it has been about 12 hours since I have not used. I do have trazadone and 3 bars of 2 mg xanax but I really want to save those for when I need it the most which I assume is at the 24 hour mark? I know now that you have to quit for yourself and no one else. I miss playing ice hockey and waking up not sick. I need to kick this before school starts back up on the 28tg. Anyone have any remedies for making it go by faster other than suboxone or etc. I'm a complete insomniac without black and do have a friend who is willing to smoke me up just about every day lately. Any other ways to avoid temptation?. Please help??

    1. Hi there Bri

      I am glad that you made the decision to stop using heroin. You can do it I am going to send you a link that may help.

      Good luck


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