Helping you to overcome heroin addiction through my own experience, strength, and hope.

Heroin addicts are hard core bunch but they too can get clean!

Heroin addicts are hard core bunch but they too can get clean!

I am going to tell you a true story about myself. I remember when I was around five years old my mom and dad told me not to stick anything in the plug outlet.

Well me being the curious sort of person I am I had to check it out so I stuck a bobby pin in it and it shocked the shit right out of me it left a print of the bobby pin in my hand.

Well needless to say but I never done it again. I am getting to the point here and that is that your average heroin addict will stick things in the plug outlet time and time again. They do not learn.

My point here is you can not scare a person to make them stop using. If you could many of us would still be alive and clean today.

I have been shocked so to speak with numerous OD's and and a prison stint and this did not scare me straight what I need was some heroin addiction help.

The only thing I know that works for heroin addicts is to change their lives. What I mean by this is that a complete overhaul of our lives is necessary if we want to stop using heroin.

Well you may ask how do I do that. OK here are a few ways in which to change your life.

1. Go to meetings daily.

2. Find a sponsor to help guide you in your recovery.

3 Prayer and meditation work wonders.

4. Plenty of exercise is important try long walks or join a gym.

5. It is important to get proper amount of sleep each night in order to fight our disease.

6. Maybe you want to back to school or make a career change.

7 It is necessary to eat well balanced meals we must be healthy if we want to beat heroin addiction.

I have done all of these things and they work or otherwise I would not share them with you.
One thing I have learned to do is to be rigorously honest so I do so in my posts. I want everyone to get clean butI know this will not happen but together we can help as many addicts as we can. That's what it’s all about one addict helping another to get clean.

Lastly the lifespan of a heroin addict is rather short you do not see many old heroin addicts you may be thinking why is that? Well if the addict does not die of a heroin overdose they may live the rest of their life in prison for a drug related crime.

I hope this inspires you to take action to get clean today.

Good luck