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The Sad Truth about Alcohol Misuse and alcohol abuse

Alcohol misuse is extremely common in today's society. From unruly teens to adults, alcohol is abused severely and frequently. Age is not the determining factor of alcohol abuse, metal stability is. Whether a person is suffering from depression or anger they often turn to alcohol or other drugs for their secret getaway. What an individual does not realize when choosing to abuse alcohol is that they are putting their life and everyone around them in danger.

Alcohol causes a persons confidence to increase dangerously as well as their sociability. A large variety of individuals feel as if they can do anything they want to without fearing the consequence. This is how car accidents, deaths and injuries occur. Although many use "I was drunk" as an excuse, they are 100% reliable for whatever incident may occur. If an individual can crack open a beer or take a shot, then they perfectly able to take full responsibility for their actions. Anyone drinking heavily should always be under supervision.

The sad truth to the misuse of alcohol is that a large variety of car accidents and other incidents are alcohol related. It is important as an alcohol user to take caution on how much you consume and where you consume it. Nobody can ever tell who is driving in front of them or behind them when they are choosing to drive under the influence. If everyone could all become more wary of themselves and others while under the influence, they could greatly reduce the amount of alcohol related deaths.

Well unfortunately this is not going to happen for the person who happens to be an alcoholic. Because any thought of control will not happen. I used to try to control my drinking I would say I am only going to drink this amount or that amount it never worked I always ended up drinking until everything was gone or I passed out. This is at the very least alcohol abuse but to me is more like alcoholism.

I will however admit that for those who are not addicted to alcohol should really be aware of there actions and above all please do not operate your car if you have had more than one drink. Just think about how you would feel if you happened to kill a child in a car accident while drinking or for that matter anyone. Most states have strong laws for drinking and driving and it only takes around 2 drinks to be over the legal limit so if you plan on doing any type of partying involving a lot of drinking please have a designated driver.