Helping you to overcome heroin addiction through my own experience, strength, and hope.

How to recover from heroin addiction

In order to recover from heroin addiction one must first of all stop using heroin. Next they may want to get help with some type of heroin treatment or to detox from heroin. This can be done in treatment centers located all over the United State prices and types of treatment available will vary somewhat so do some research and find what suits you.

How to recover from opiates

If you decide to go to heroin treatment you can opt for a heroin detox. This will be done by a staff of trained professionals. They will administer drugs that will help alleviate the suffering of your heroin withdrawal. In order to get your moneys worth plus to help with your opiate addiction recovery I strongly recommend that you go to residential treatment when you finish your heroin withdrawal.

Now when you get out here are some choices that can help with ones addiction recovery. One thing you may want to consider is going to long term heroin treatment. I think this is the best bet for anyone who has went through residential treatment a couple of times and relapsed; in fact this is exactly what I did I was a chronic relapser I have even used minutes after leaving rehab so I knew that I had to take action and do something different which was long term treatment.

What will we do in long term treatment?

Most of the long term treatment facilities will require you to attend 90 meetings in 90 days and you will live in a recovery house or something similar. We had to pay like 30% of our income. Most places you will be allowed to work after two weeks of staying on the property its kind of a probationary period, unless another member of the house takes you to a meeting anyway that’s how it was where I went to treatment.

One can also choose to go to school if they want, this is what I did and I am not very far from getting a bachelors degree in Social Work. I chose this field so I could help others. How can you go wrong with this working and getting paid to help other addicts learn how to stop using heroin and other drugs?

Making opiate addiction recovery plans before leaving rehab

Regardless of if you decide to quit heroin at home or in rehab you will want to make aftercare plans about how you intend to stay clean and sober because those who fail to do this soon return to active addiction. I would suggest that you sit down with pen and paper and make a sound recovery plan. A sound plan would include either 12 step meetings or substance abuse counseling or both. I personally used both to beat heroin.

If you put in just half the time into your recovery that you put into finding ways and means to get more drugs you will be amazed at the results. I have personally seen addicts that came to the fellowship of NA homeless and broke and turn their lives around and have very promising careers now. This can be you too if you are willing to do what we done.

It has been my experience any addict and this means any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use drugs, and find new and better way to live. This means those who work a program and take action every single day. One has the freedom to devise their own recovery program or you can do what I did it work for me and is still working for me and it can work for you also.

Good luck