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How to use these Simple Remedies for heron withdrawal that work

I have to be real honest with you and let you know that a lot a people simple can not afford to go to conventional treatment for heroin addiction. Therefore they want to know how to stop using at home so today I will share with you remedies for heron withdrawal. I will also let you know that this can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Now don’t get it in your mind that this is going to be easy or a cake walk for that matter because the remedies for heroin withdrawal I will be suggesting are over the counter medication.

I think it is necessary that you also know a little bit about some of the heroin symptoms you will have to face during this withdrawal.

Here is a few of them.

1, Thinking you will not make it.

2. Stomach and leg cramps.

3, Diarrhea and vomiting.

4, Goose bumps.

5, Chills or sweats.

6. Insomnia.

7. Dehydration

8. Loss of appetite.

9. Anxiety.

10. Urges to use.

If you think you can handle these things then continue reading this is not for punks it takes someone with a lot of heart to even consider this so if you are going to do this then you are one tough person.

How to use these simple heroin withdrawal remedies to beat heroin

Now here we go the day before you intend to stop stay awake all night this probably will help you to sleep through a lot of your withdrawal. Next you will want to get rid of any type of using material you still have. I would suggest that you also invite a friend to come stay with you this will improve your odds of actually making it through the entire process.

After this part is done you will want to go to the drug store to get the rest of your supplies for your heroin home remedies withdrawal. I would get some Motrin for my cramps and maybe something for diarrhea plus buy some Benadryl this will help you sleep.

This should pretty much help anyone who wishes remedies to stop using heroin at home.


  1. how long does it take to get out ur system. when u treat ur self at home?

  2. Depending on how much you have been using it should be out of your system within 72 hours.

  3. How long will it show up in a UA, after last using?

  4. It should be out of your system within 48hrs to 72 hrs usually less though.

  5. I want to quit...right now I feel anxious and like I have the flu. My body aches, my head feels heavy and all my joints feel jittery like I need to constantly stretch them. I am only 20 years old, and I don't want to be addicted for the rest of my life...but I can't imagine going a day without it. I need some help.

  6. Hi I know it seems like you can not go a day without using I remember what that was like. When ever I had thoughts of using I would repeat the serenity prayer over and over when the though returned I would do it again. I bet in the beginning I did it a thousand times a day. Or repeat over and over your own little saying, No matter what do not pick up and you will make it. May want to try going to a meeting if you really want to quit.

    Good luck

  7. How long does it take to get rid of the wanting the drug? Im trying to really quit but I keep having a very strong erg to go and get more and I want this erg to stop.

  8. Hi there thanks for your comment. I can not give you an exact time because some people have urges for a year or more but with me they were gone very fast of course I was beat down and had had enough of using.

    My suggestion is when every you have a urge to do something different I said the serenity prayer like a thousand times. You can not think of two things at the same time and if it comes back repeat the process.

    I can tell you this that if you do not use the time between your urges will grow farther and farther apart until they are gone but if you use all bets are off and you will have to start all over again.

    Trust me you can do it in fact, any addict and I mean any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use drugs, and find a new way to live and this means you too!

    Good luck

  9. is there any foods or such that will help

  10. How do you get rid of the chills


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