Helping you to overcome heroin addiction through my own experience, strength, and hope.

How to stop drug abuse and taper off of heroin

It’s incredibly difficult to taper off heroin for the most part because it requires a degree of self control that most addicts do not possess, otherwise we would not be faced with the trying to quit in the first place. I think it could be possible if you have a strong enough reason motivate to you. A heroin taper is one solution for those who can not afford to go to conventional drug rehab.

It will be very hard to do and is literally impossible for most heroin addicts to get through opiate withdrawal successfully. If you can afford to go to treatment I would suggest that you do that because there you will stand a much better chance of getting and staying clean. The reason for this is that you will be exposed to other addicts that are going through the same thing as you. Plus you will be learning how to remain clean from residential treatment by attending lectures, 12 step meetings, and several other recovery based things.

How to taper off of heroin

If you insist on the heroin taper my suggestion is to do it as fast as possible do not draw it out. We are addicts after all and drawing it out will just keep you using. I would suggest cutting your dose back maybe try diluting your dose to the point that it is just enough to get through heroin withdrawal.

Or maybe cut your consumption back by doing less; for instance, if you do 3 bags a day cut back to 2 a day. Remember you must do this fast if you want to succeed. I would try to do it in 3 to 5 days tops. Here’s the thing no matter which way you choose to stop using heroin it will require a commitment. Why not make a commitment to quit heroin right now? It will probably be the best move you ever make.

Once you do get clean and sober you will want to stay sober and to do this it will take more commitment. I would commit to attending 12 step meetings everyday anyway this is what I did and it helped me stay clean. I would also suggest that you get a sponsor if you do not already have one they can be there to hold you accountable. One thing I did when I got a sponsor was to get in the habit of calling him on a daily basis and as it turned out he is now one of my closest friends but keep in mind that your sponsor does not have to be a friend.

It was told to me when I first started attending NA meetings that a sponsor was there to guide you through the steps nothing more and trust me we need guidance at least I did because what I new about living life on life’s terms you could put in a sewing thimble. If you take so sort of action every day you too can be free from drug addiction.