Helping you to overcome heroin addiction through my own experience, strength, and hope.

Methods to Self detox from heroin

There are probably several ways in which one can self detox from heroin. Today we will explore a couple of them. The first way I will talk about today is the method of self detox from heroin at home.

This can be done with or without medications. For the sake of those who want to be comfortable during their heroin detox let's explore how to stop using heroin with Suboxone. Suboxone.

If you chose to quit using heroin with suboxone then you will have to find a Dr. that can prescribe this medication because all Dr’s are not licensed to do so.

Detoxing by yourself from heroin

The first step is to locate a
Suboxone Dr. And make an appointment be sure to ask the receptionist to get in at the earliest possible date.

 Once you locate one and get in talk with the physician be sure and tell them of your plans to kick heroin and let them know approximately how long you would like to be on the drug. If you have no idea what you are doing ask them to set you up a self heroin detox schedule. After this all that you need to do is go home and start taking your medication as prescribed.

I would suggest that you have a plan in place for how you intend to stay clean. Like do you plan on attending NA meetings or going to individual one-on-one substance-abuse counseling?

I would sit down and take pen to paper and write out all the things I am willing to do to stay clean. This will not take long and you may be surprised to find out what you are actually willing to do to for your self help opiate detox and remain drug free.

Now for some reason this did not work out well for you do not give up because you can always go to some sort of opiate rehab. In this type of substance addiction rehab one can actually be medically detox from heroin.

If you go the first thing that will happen is a staff member will take you to the detox unit and show you to your sleeping quarters. This is where you're going to be spending the majority of your time sleeping in recuperating from your drug abuse. Then a nurse or staff member will administer prescription medications to help ease any discomfort caused by heroin withdrawal.

Upon successful completion of your opiate detox you will be moved directly to residential treatment. Once again you will be shown to your own and chances are you will be sharing it with a couple of other addicts.

In residential treatment everyone is required to attend twelve-step meetings, lectures, group therapy, substance-abuse counseling. This type of intensive drug treatment is provided to help you to stay clean and sober when you leave substance-abuse treatment. 

If you do go to substance addiction rehab I would suggest getting together with your therapist before leaving to discuss a heroin addiction recovery plan. I can not stress how important this is because without one you will go back to your former state of active addiction. I have personally left rehab without a recovery plan and very soon after leaving I relapsed on heroin.

Good luck