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Do you need help for Snorting Heroin withdrawal

Snorting heroin withdrawal can begin within 12 hours of your last dose of heroin. So if for some reason you plan on quitting heroin or you are about to run out of money or dope you should keep this in mind because withdrawal from heroin can be brutal if not treated properly.  

Heroin withdrawal symptom  

Withdrawal symptoms include-sweating, anxiety, depression, cramps and pains in the limbs and joints, yawning, goose bumps, sleep difficulties, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, cramps and fever occur.

Now keep in mind that there is little risk of dying from heroin withdrawal unless you are in extremely bad health however many people addicted to alcohol actually die from alcohol withdrawal due to seizures and other complications. Before I started using heroin and learned the lowdown on it I was one of the people that was misinformed and thought you would die from withdrawal. 

I was really surprised when I learned you more than likely would not but you may wish you were dead if you are going through heroin withdrawal cold turkey.


If you are snorting and drinking a lot of alcohol you may want to consider going to a heroin rehab for a medical detox and Heroin Addiction Help. 

This can be done in heroin addiction rehab. What will happen is a medical staff will administer medications like suboxone to help ease the pain of heroin withdrawal. I have been through this type of detox several times and it is relitevly painless once the medication kicks in.

Residential treatment will help you to stay clean when you leave rehab by learning some addiction recovery tools

Once you have successfully completed your detox the next step is moving on to residential treatment where you will learn about how to stay clean and sober when you leave substance abuse rehab. So I would suggest that you pay attention and do not get involved in a relationship while there you are there to get some addiction recovery tools. 

In residential treatment you will be required to attend lectures, 12 step meetings, individual addiction therapy, and group sessions.

I have also went heroin cold turkey so if you are thinking about stopping heroin cold turkey because you have no other options you should know that without medication you are going to suffer from some very  brutal withdrawal symptoms. then this is the best way to detox from heroin

I would suggest that you do not delay no matter how you intend to stop using heroin because your life really may depend on it because you never actually know when you may be getting a bad bag or the potency of your heroin is a lot stronger than you normally get. This is the cause of many heroin overdoses and you never see it coming just like you never hear the bullet that kills you!

Good luck

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  1. heroin have a very bad effect on your lungs if you snort it? At the age of 21 I have finally got myself into a supervised methadone treatment programme. It's been 4 months now and I am doing very well, i am gradually reducing at a constant pace, taking steps to build up a 'real' life, and gaining a much less clouded awareness of myself and the things around me. But with this self-awareness comes concern about the long term effects that the drug had on my body. Tried different methods throughout my addiction but my usual method of administering was to snort the drug. I heard that this gets bacteria in your lungs and chest is quite bad still and possibly infected..My memory is also bad now.. What are the long term damages of heroin on an ex-user and how can they be remedied? from J


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